Wednesday, March 29, 2017

My Collection of Kourin's Album

高鈴 (Kourin or Callin')

Kou-Rin (English translation- Callin’)

This original Kyoto-native Duo was formed in 1998 and currently composes and performs in Tokyo.
“Kou-Rin” is named after the Chinese characters meaning “High”(Kou) and “Bell”(Rin) and was chosen to express the sensitive soul and faint yet vibrant color/spirit of the “Bell” that rings out in a “High” tone.
Kou-Rin’s signature sound is created and infused throughout their wide range of original compositions that convey the plaintive and transitory nature of the Japanese language.

- Signed exclusive contract with Sony Music Records.
- Debut single “Mayonaka no Koukai” was released and introduced their unique musical presence across Japan and beyond.
- Following their debut Kou-Rin released 1 single and 5 studio albums. The release of their song “Aishteru” off their 3rd album “Hibi no Uta” propelled their popularity and was the featured theme song from the Anime show “Natsumeyujincho” broadcast on the TV Tokyo Channel.

- Founded their own Independent label “Little Dance Music”
- Released single “Utakata”.
- Both “Utakata” and “Ato wo Nokoshite” were the featured theme music for national TV commercials promoting the 2010 Kagawa Human Rights and Antidiscrimination Foundation.

- Released single “Suna no Jikan” .
- Launched their live show nationwide.
- Performed self-titled one-man live show “Kou-Rin in Meguro Persimmon Hall” along the “Suna no Jikan Tour” ending their successful Tour on the very highest of notes.

(Source: Kourin's official facebook)

I really really love this duo. I really do. That's why I have all this urge to share the love I have for them. Unfortunately, there're rarely people that know this amazing duo, except for the song Aishiteru which is Natsume Yuujinchou's 2nd ending. I started become Kourin's fans since 3-4 years ago, and I collected some of their albums. I guess I'll share them here... so you can listen to their amazing works. If you like the artist, please support them by buying the original CD from any online store or their official site:

You can also find their official youtube channel here: littledancemusic

Official Facebook: 高鈴 (little dance music)

Akihisa Yamaguchi-san Youtube channel: Akihisa Yamaguchi

Akihisa Yamaguchi-san Facebook: Yamaguchi Akihisa

Alright, this is a gdrive folder. You can find some of Kourin songs here. I don't have all the albums though. Their older albums and singles are hard to find. If you have some infos where I can find them, please tell me.

Included single and albums;

Suna no Toki
Hibi no Uta
Shin Sekai
Some PVs


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