Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Just found interesting manga, Sukima Shiki (Sukima Style) by author Sahara Mizu, which made based on songs from my favorite japanese musician, SUKIMA SWITCH. There are 6 Chapters in this manga, each based on one song of Sukima switch.

Chapter 1- Tsukimigaoka
About a young man who inherited a dumpling shop, dumpling, a girl who loves dumpling so much, and their sweet routine to eat dango together on mondays.


Chapter 2- Doushita Toaster
About a man and.. ehm.. his toaster. His precious toaster.

Chapter 3- Kimi ga ii nara
 About a girl get an unexpecting love confession... from a boy deadly in love with her.

Chapter 6- 1+1
A heart warming story about a couple in age 60s.


 Chapter 5- Fuyu no kuchibue
A short story about a couple in the middle of snowy night


Chapter 6- Zenryoku shounen
 A cute story about a working woman, who forget how she always happy every time she saw the colorful light and balloons of amusement park, and a cheerful man who adore her for save him from fired on his part-time job.

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