Friday, April 13, 2012

Ah.. ya, galau.

Just aware how crybaby i am about this thing.*Even I'm not cry, but it hurt. Gaaaah T___T
Hearing his name, I wanted to hid my head in a basket.
Seeing him online, I want him to chat me. *Well, it didn't happen. And I know that I shouldn't take the first move, dont worry.
Gyaaaaaaaaah,,, Wanna shout loudly. Just shout loudly.

I want to tell him. A bit scared, but still I want to tell him.
Ah, harusnya gue ngikut karokean tadi supaya bisa ngegalau --''
Remembering my friend's words: "You shouldn't thinking about the one who even don't think about you",
I think I should just forget it.

Hmmmmhhh, it sucks.

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