Friday, March 8, 2013

Aaah, sabishii naaa

Ano ne, this kind of feeling really got me on these days. Like a cycle, it's going over me again. Yep, those "MELANCHOLY FEELING".

When I went home from university on mid day, when I walked alone, or sitting quietly on my bus, and look trough the window, these melancholy feeling hit me more. A bit, but intensely. Aaah, lonely. In this quiet situations (when i just sitting on my bus, or walk home quietly in the mid day, or waiting for my bus), somehow I found that I don't know if there's something that I can anticipate. I don't really know what I want to do. Somehow, I want to do something, something that I always do when I'm still teenager. Hahaha, what's that? Searching for "senpai" fragment.

Oh, yeah, these "senpai" things again, huh?
Can't be helped cause he's a part of my precious memories as a teenager. Haha. Still sounds gross if I said those words. Well, I'm old now :p

The best thing about being a secret admirer is: You hope for that fellow, but if he/she didn't realise you, you won't think about it too much. Because, from the start, you thought that, "just looking from far is good enough, as long as I can love him as much as I want. It won't feel awkward, because he didn't know about me. I won't rejected, because I'll never approach my feeling in front of him."

But that's what they called as "cinta sendiri" kan?

Cinta sendiri itu... kegirangan sendiri, sedih sendiri, berbunga-bunga sendiri...
nanka.. sabishii na?

Haha. Well, it's been my entertainment in my junior high school, as long as I can remember:

- What kind of manga he borrowed today?
- Seeing his smiling face is the best thing of my junior high school days
- I even wrote on my diary, that his smile has energy like a 1.000.000 joule energy sword.
- I hate spoiler, but if he's the one who spoil it, I won't mind it, ever.
- God, if I go to books rental on free day, and met him by coincidence, may I refer it as a 'fate'?

Haha, those kind of things really happen on my junior high school life. You know, I'm a cheerful girl, right?
Very Optimist!

Of course, when I re-read my diary, I think it's gross to say all those things about your secret love. Still it's a good memory. Haha. Dunno where's my senpai right now. When he go to another island, I lost my track of him. Completely.

Obsession and love. Now I can separate it clearly.
Ahaha, what am I blabbering about? So useless! Ja ne.

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