Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good Morning

Oh, like I have time to make this kind of post! But I want to, buhaaa ><

Uhm. Yeah. Haha. I continuously doing some errors these days. I completely think that, "isn't anything I can do rightly?" Oh, but, I swept those thought as soon as it come. I'm not a high-school student so I ashamed to have those kind of thought.
All I can do is do with all my best.

You know, sometimes I wonder if I take the right way. I want to do this. But when things go bad, I don't want it. Woah, so childish. The only one thing, I can take it whatever it takes: Drawing. I'd love to draw until the day I cant move my fingers again. I love to draw, so much, till I won't mind if someone tell me that my draw is suck. I just love to draw. No one can't stop me. Haha, that's how much I love you xDD

It's been a long time since I draw manually, so, yesterday, I drew and drew while my lecturer give lecture. Haha, just a bit. But I felt good. I'd love to draw until the day I can't move my fingers again.
I don't care about the result. I just love to draw. So much. 

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