Sunday, April 20, 2014


ah biarlah
gk galau pan
galau "sparkling"

for anyone who closed their heart and hardening their heart for so long. Try to forgive. Try to release. You deserve to be happy.

I can feel darkness behind me. I can feel my feet chained and trying so hard to run from that darkness.

I can see the light in front of me. I can feel my feet trying to get there. The warm and bright place.

But sometimes the light feel so bright that I'm afraid it can blind my eyes.

After so long trapped in the darkness, to step on bright area feel a bit scary.

Just one step forward.

One step to go to a very different point of view.

What I need is a forgiven heart.

Leaving this hatred. 

Forgive my own past. Forgive my self.

Why am I so hard to my self?

Can't I just leave this dark place and go to the bright side?

Release the burden. Release the chain holding me down.

This one step.

This only one step.

I have no hero in my sky. So what?

I have no white-horsed prince to take my hands. So what?

I have all I need. I have my Rabb. I have my friends. I have my family. I have all the things I need to live my life happily.

No matter how gloom and dark my past, my future is still pure white.

Give a chance to my heart.

To trust. To love. To be loved.

So it can be happy.

Give it a chance. 

To feel the warm lights again.

Release. Forgive. And be happy.

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